The Founder & CEO of ZavoMedia Group 

ZavoMedia also extended its pandemic relief program to help 200 women in New York City who lost their jobs during this unprecedented crisis.

The Founder and CEO of New York-based communications company ZavoMedia, Liana Zavo, is setting an example of leadership and employer resilience, yet again through her excellent support and constant encouragement of her employees. During a time where businesses are closed, millions of people are unemployed and furloughed, Zavo, who hosts the celebrated popular business podcast, 'What Makes A Woman,' is breaking the notions of indifferent employer outlook by paying her furloughed crew's wages out of her own pocket. "Furlough has been strictly implemented in various sectors of the business world, and we are maintaining every precaution and promoting these practices across my organization as a way to combat the epidemic," Zavo said.

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New York based Russian-American CEO Liana Zavo Finds Light in the Darkest Days as a Mompreneur

Liana Zavo, the chairwoman of her company WMW LOUNGE and also the CEO of ZavoMedia, her communications company based in New York has integrated and materialized her ‘dream come true’ corporate story as a mother, entrepreneur, writer, online personality and speaker. Based in New York, this Russian-American success story is widely known for Liana’s unparalleled work and contribution to public relations and digital marketing.

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