The award-winning part always comes from our uniquely effective way of combining storytelling, research, strategy, tracking and continuously optimizing. 

We are a full-service digital agency in New York City specializing in public relations strategy, PR campaigns, visibility, credibility, media planning, growth hacking, content creation, influencer marketing, branding, and social media strategy. 

With over 120 brands created to date generating multi-million every year, our sole purpose is to develop visibility, credibility, and profitability  that will connect straight into a market, bring awareness and generate sales.

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The award-winning part always comes from our uniquely effective way of combining storytelling, research, strategy, tracking, and continuously optimized ROI. 


Here at ZavoMedia, whether you're an individual, a startup, or a large corporation we will help you generate buzz, deliver your news to the public, and provide solutions for all your communications needs. We act fast to prevent crisis and protect your reputation. No wizard behind the curtain and there is no secret sauce or even a crystal ball. There's no substitute for a network of research, data, and media management tools in the hands of insightful, smart people who are passionate about getting results. Those, we have in abundance. 

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No matter where your customer's are!


*Research what makes them tick

*Develop a strategy to leverage that insight

*Build the right media matrix against that strategy

*Optimize for ROI regularly

How we make it work

What happens when clients hire us?
Their markets and sales grow.

ZavoMedia Group is headquartered in New York City. Nobody knows the Northeast markets as well as we do. However, we are also delivering results in over 50 of the U.S. top markets. The team is responsible for designing marketing and sales funnel strategies to drive growth and helping leaders navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought. 

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AHA Moment!

Creative Services

So we hear, that media companies aren't supposed to be creative.
Are they?

Our view:  How does one separate the message from the media?

It's a 10-year communications industry trend we're happy to reverse. We built a creative team much like our media team-international, national, and local experienced writers, designers, and creative directors. 

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What our customers write about us:

Christy C. Buss 




Andrey Akbashev


I wish I could give ZavoMedia 10 stars. We have worked very closely with ZavoMedia for many years, and they have proved to be a professional and trustworthy team. ZavoMedia goes above and beyond with both its clients and staff. ZavoMedia ensures that every project is met with a positive outcome and delivers what is promised and more. They offer highly successful public relations campaigns to incredible digital and branding capabilities. ZavoMedia has a friendly staff who are highly talented in the field, bringing unified years of expertise to the table. Liana, the CEO of ZavoMedia, is an absolute pleasure to work with and is exceptionally talented and hard-working. The best part about ZavoMedia is that the team truly cares about their client's success and will not stop until they have reached each client's goal. If you are looking for a PR agency to get quality results, look no further. I highly recommend ZavoMedia. 

Robin Gargano


Hiring a PR firm can be intimidating and overwhelming, but ZavoMedia Group truly does walk beside you, ensuring the process of getting your mission and message out into the world in a seamless process. Not only do I feel guided and free of anxiety, but I also feel my voice and opinions matter versus being silenced in order to sell the brand. Liana and her team are ethical, genuine, professional, and extremely hardworking. The amount of personal attention and support I receive from Liana herself is unlike any other PR firm I have ever come across in my career. To have the CEO of a successful company personally take as much time as she does to craft your mark in this world is rare, but also shows the type of business she has created, one full of heart-driven by her passion and talent to make her clients shine. Zavo Media is remarkable and stands out among the masses as a firm with true integrity and authenticity.

Tobi Rubinstein


Michael Vostok


Diana Rachnaev 


ZavoMedia was our first choice as it was also our very first time getting media exposure. From start to finish ZavoMedia gave us exactly the experience we need for our PR. The attention to detail with precision and expertise can't be beaten. Thank you for all your dedication and effort to bring Yesodot Inc the PR it deserves through the lens of media professionally and with TLC.

Michele Chubalashvili 


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At ZavoMedia, the bundles are incredible. They have helped me plug the gaps in having a regular content strategy. Overall my social media traffic is up 96.72% because of the PR campaign that was launched, and so I'm getting almost double the traffic from social media. I became a recognized expert!

Nikki Watson

ZavoMedia did a virtual zoom meeting with our real estate office in Texas and presented using PR strategies with marketing and social media for business. Incredible! These ladies have invested time and research into what works with PR campaigns and our company growth and ROI. 

Emma Brown

Public Relations & Digital Branding Agency


New York City, NY, US

About us

ZavoMedia Group is a NYC-based full-service public relations and digital branding agency. We are experts in storytelling and strategizing PR campaigns. ZavoMedia works with small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals with media attention. ZavoMedia's team of professionals have encompassed a massive amount of experience in managing communications. We are hands-on with every client and work to develop a strategy distinctly crafted to meet your needs and business goals. Our focus is on increasing your brand's awareness, affecting your bottom line, and creating a lasting impression on your customers and target audience.